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Power Washing Wethersfield - Extreme Exterior Cleaning

What if we told you that living with a dirty residential and commercial exterior property is unnecessary? You can have the cleanest property on the block in just a few hours! Our team provides top-of-the-line power washing Wethersfield services. We utilize truck-mounted equipment and hand tools that remove stains, dirt, and mold.

Do you know that virus-causing germs can live on outdoor surfaces and make you sick? Various bacteria also adhere to siding, picnic tables, and more. Please do yourself a solid for the safety of your friends, family, and co-workers, and hire Southington Power Washers for affordable pressure cleaning. We offer the most competitive rates in the local area and no-cost estimates and consultations.

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"Before I called, my house was in desperate need of a wash to get all the dirt from this past winter off the wood siding. After the team came out, the house looks like new again. No more dirt and grime. Thanks again!"
- Sarah Zimmerman
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Looking for Professional Power Washing in Wethersfield?

The days of looking at grease stains on your driveway are over! Our team takes power washing in Wethersfield, CT, to the next level. Our truck-mounted equipment rains down highly pressurized water onto stains, dirt, and bacteria, leaving outer surfaces sparkling clean. In addition, our detergents are eco-friendly, so you never have to worry about your grass and plants being harmed.

As professional power washers, you can count on us to reliably clean windows, roofs, gutters, driveways, sidewalks, siding, and more. We have specific protocols for residential and commercial properties. Have you heard of soft washing?

We use this method when cleaning fragile or damaged surfaces like chipped concrete and aluminum siding. Soft washing uses lower water pressure and heavy-duty detergent to buff away grit and grime and leave surfaces intact. We'll tell you more about it during your FREE consult.

Are you ready to get your power washing services underway? If so, please get in touch with us using our handy online form. It's quick, easy, and efficient!


Practical Power Washing for Everyday Life

Fences & Decks

How long has it been since your fencing, deck, and patio had a good scrubbing? Allow our licensed professionals to handle the dirty work for you. Pressure washing easily removes mold, dirt, and stains from wooden structures.

Driveways & Walkways

Things like automotive fluids, bird droppings, and salt brine from winter weatherization practices can break down concrete. Pressure washing removes those substances leaving driveways and walkways clean.

Window Cleaning

Cleaning your windows on the inside is one thing, but trying to wash second and third-floor windows on the outside is another. Our team ensures your window cleaning efforts aren't in vain by removing smudges from the outer glass.
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Why Choose Wethersfield Power Washers?

We're Experienced

Our business was formed back in 1999. We're on the road to thirty years of operation. Each staff member has their own experience in the power washing arena. So collectively, we have over 100 years of expertise! We do our job well.

We're Affordable

You may have heard, but we offer the lowest prices in the local area. Our job is to remove dirt from your exterior property, not break the bank. So you can always count on us for fair, affordable rates, guaranteed.

We Give FREE Quotes!

Do you want power washing services but aren't quite sure how much they cost? No problem! Our company offers no-strings-attached estimates. These estimates are always on the house. It's great knowing how to plan for a service financially.
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